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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“Explore your city, one cocktail at a time.”


Like a well-made cocktail, WOGO considers going out an unforgettable experience. We want to bring people together who value good drinks, beautiful bars and above all, good company. So our mission is for our people to discover cocktails and enjoy great nights out. That's why we constantly search for the best bars and places to visit, so our customers never have to worry about where they're going and partner with the best (spirit) brands to deliver unforgettable moments.


WOGO started with its Cocktail Walks in Amsterdam during the lockdowns to help support the bars and give its customers the opportunity to explore the city while enjoying fantastic cocktails. The goal is to continue this spirit and give bars and brands a stage for cocktail newbies and enthusiasts alike. Interested? Visit our website and view our current offer!



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