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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Starship Story was started in Amsterdam with a passion to educate the world on a healthier way to booze. It is also a story about following your dreams, shooting for the stars, and living a life that feels full, balanced and complete. 

Starship’s Raspberry Hibiscus and Ginger Lime vodkas are made only from natural ingredients, contain no artificial flavors or added sugars and are gluten free; so that you can enjoy a delicious drink without compromise.

​Simply mix the Ginger Lime or Raspberry Hibiscus vodka with sparkling water and know that at the end of the day you can SHINE BRIGHT like the star you are. 

​In addition to our line of all natural infused vodkas and cocktail kits, Starship also hosts healthy cocktail workshops and events. 

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Interact with us on Instagram in The Netherlands: @starshipspirits

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Starship Spirits Ginger Lime vodka

700ml | 40% abv


Starship Spirits, born in Amsterdam, is on a mission to offer a healthier way to booze.


Their Ginger Lime vodka was inspired by the popular “moscow mule” cocktail but packs all the ginger flavor you want in the drink without the sugar.


This potato based vodka is infused with lots of dried ginger and natural lime flavor. Packed with warm ginger spices and perfectly balanced with fresh lime, it's perfect on its own with ice or with soda water for that (better than) moscow mule feeling.


All of Starship’s products are 100% all natural, with no artificial ingredients or added sugars, and are gluten-free.


'Mix up your own Starship today and Shine Bright tomorrow'!


Perfect Serve: Starship Spirits Ginger Lime Vodka is perfect for a Skinny Mule. Fill a hi-ball glass with ice, add 50 ml Ginger Lime Vodka, 150 ml soda water and a squeeze of fresh lime. Add a sprig of mint or lime for garnish.

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Starship Spirits Raspberry Hibiscus vodka

700ml | 40% abv


A fan favorite, the Starship Spirits Raspberry Hibiscus Vodka is made of a potato based vodka and infused with fresh organic raspberries, dried hibiscus, and a little black currant. It's well-balanced, a bit floral, herbaceous and has a touch of subtle sweetness to balance it all out. It makes a dangerously delicious vodka soda but also adds heaps of complexity and unmatched flavor to any cocktail.


All of Starship’s products are 100% all natural, with no artificial ingredients or added sugars, and are gluten-free.


Mix up your own Starship today and Shine Bright tomorrow!


Perfect Serve: Starship Raspberry Hibiscus Vodka Shines Bright on its own without a sugary mixer. Fill a hi-ball with ice, add 50 ml Raspberry Hibiscus Vodka, top up with 150 ml soda water and add a slice of lime to garnish.


For a refreshing spritz, fill a large wine glass with ice, add 50ml Raspberry Hibiscus Vodka, 150ml club soda and top up with 50ml sparkling wine. Garnish with a slice of orange.

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