Leonista 100% Karoo Agave Spirits

Graaff-Reinet, South Africa


Leonista, which means ‘Place of the Lion’, is the first 100% agave spirit from South Africa's Karoo Region made in the traditional Mexican way. Our production process follows an age-old recipe used to make Agave spirits like Mezcal, hence Leonista has a delicious, distinctly smoky flavour similar to that of mezcal.

Leonista is produced from the ‘Agave Americana’ variant, which traditionally produces an agave spirit referred to by its Mexican name, “Arroqueño”, and results in a unique flavour profile for Leonista 100% Karoo agave spirits. Arroqueños are known for their floral, even vegetal flavour, but seem to often have spicy bitter chocolate notes.


The harnessing of fire & smoke whilst baking/roasting, and the complexities of the natural yeasts during the crushing and fermentation stages of the production process, lead to a unique and smoky flavour profile. Our resting process gives our Reposado expressions a slightly sweeter character, that contains oaky undertones and a broader variety of flavour. 


Choose 100% Agave.
Awaken The Lion Within.
Drink With Respect.

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