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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“We teach with passion, because we love bartending”

We have trained and taught more than 11,000 bartenders, waiters, hosts, managers and bar owners across Europe.


We believe that creating a cocktail of inspiration, motivation, knowledge and fun is a great recipe to learn. Our courses are well balanced between theory and practical hands-on training because, from a book, you don't learn to work behind a bar.


Although training basic skills and knowledge is essential, we believe in learning. Learning is about developing people's individual potential that will last a lifetime.


By increasing the talents and capabilities of your employee, you as a hospitality manager will get a team that tackles not only current but also future challenges.


Award Winning Team

We have combined more than 140 years of experience into one award-winning multi-talented team.


Our team has been carefully selected for their training skills, all trainers all have an individual specialty and many hours of experience behind the bar.


They are fluent in English, all are credited with WSET level 2 spirit awards and many of them have won several prestigious cocktail competitions. In 2019, we trained more than 4000 bartenders.


Location: Verrijn Stuartweg 1H, 1112 AW Diemen


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