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Leiden, The Netherlands

Great drinks & great stories go hand in hand - this is what led the sisters Josine & Francine Heijnen to develop spirits based on historical persons with mind-blowing backgrounds. 


Meet Goeie Mie ’the Leiden poisoner’, who in the end of the 19th century poisoned over 100 Leideners with arsenic - only after secretly taking out a life insurance on their heads. After her arrest in 1885, she got world-famous and is still the greatest poison mixer according to the Guinness book of records. 


Bottled in an organic, blue & arsenic free gin, this story will keep you busy whilst sipping a G&T or other gin cocktail. Distilled with elderflower & elderberry (off the Witches’ tree, and poisonous if uncooked), green apple (Snow White recovered from that) and juniper berry (originally distilled by the Dutch as a remedy against stomach aches) this fresh & spicy gin is a guaranty for an exiting evening. 


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