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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WE BELIEVE… in positivity and personal freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to set your own norms. To decide that the glass, whether half-full or half-empty, can always be topped up.

When it comes to drinking, what’s troubling us is the unwritten rule that alcohol is the norm to enjoy. Not that we don’t love a glass of good wine, refreshing draught beer or carefully prepared cocktail. But in our eyes, the standard should not be alcohol. It’s good taste.

We believe a new norm is needed when it comes to drinking. Which is why we’re dedicated to bringing you the finest tasting alcohol-free beverages you’ll find anywhere. So let’s normalize what’s only normal, and join us in embracing the new norm of Great Taste.

We spent the last 1,5 years developing a great tasting alcohol free spirit. GINAMIS saw the light of day in the fall of 2021. Our 0% distilled spirit – inspired by gin - is handcrafted from 10 botanicals and carefully blended with Dutch dune water. We used the power of the dandelion leaves to create a unique, floral-herbal taste profile that tantalizes the adult palate.

We developed a special proprietary and protected production process, similar to the distillation of traditional gin. Ultimately enabling us to create a spirit that next to being alcohol-free, contains no calories, sugar, or gluten. Now that’s what we call tasteful enjoyment!

GINAMIS has been created, developed, and distilled by two passionate entrepreneurs and “amis” in the Netherlands, in close cooperation with a craft distillery. Since its birth it has been award-winning by taking the “Best Dutch Non-Alcoholic White Spirit” award even before it was officially launched in December 2021.

Trade Sales: Jaap van de Weg | +31625013537 |
Online Consumer Sales:
Interact with us on Instagram: @ginamis_official or Facebook

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