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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Two friends were faced with a problem: more than a third of all the food produced in the world gets wasted. This is shameful, especially because our ‘waste’ is still full of nutrients and flavour.

The two men strapped their boots and got to work. They drove around Amsterdam on a cargo bike to collect orange peels and coffee grounds. In their student home they turned this waste into wonder.

The orange peels and coffee grounds are transformed into premium spirits. The circular and sustainably produced spirits are carefully crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality. Showing that every part of our lives can be more sustainable, without sacrificing flavour. 

The products of Dik&Schil are easy to drink and low in sugar. Made for sipping and for making exciting  cocktails. Enjoy a summery Orangecello Spritz, a classical Espresso Martini or a refreshing gin and tonic.  

Dik&Schil aims to create a sustainable alternative for all the spirits available.


This is just the beginning, so stay tuned!

Contact: Stijn Fischer | 06 5733 6545 |

Trade Sales: Anker Amsterdam | Bart's BottlesDe Monnik Dranken

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500ml | 28% abv


Dik&Schil Orangecello is made from the orange peels that are normally thrown away after making fresh orange juice in bars and restaurants. 

The outer part of the orange, the zest, is peeled of by hand using a hand peeler in collaboration with sheltered workshops. This artisanal way of producing ensures the highest quality, only extracting the sweet and fresh flavours of the orange zest. 

The result is a premium orange liqueur, smooth and fresh with a pleasant sweetness. An explosion of orange, low in sugar and extremely moreish. Orangecello is made in as similar way as limoncello. We did however also use distillation to give our Orangecello a deeper and more intense orange flavour. Because of the natural sweetness and intense flavour of the orange, we managed to limit the amount of sugar to less than halve of a traditional limoncello.

Drink an ice-cold Orangecello as the perfect ending to a meal, or make a surprising twist to a classic cocktail. 

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Dik and Schil Bakkie Pleur Koffielikeur 50cl.jpg

Bakkie Pleur Koffielikeur (coffee liqueur)

500ml | 20% abv


Bakkie Pleur Koffielikeur is made from coffee grounds that are normally thrown away after making espresso. There is also a hint of orange present, coming from the orange peels that are wasted after making fresh orange juice. 

De coffee grounds in Bakkie Pleur exclusively come from Moyee Coffee. This coffee is sustainably produced and fair chain, ensuring a fair wage for the coffee producers. The coffee grounds come from extra dark, strong coffee. This gives Bakkie Pleur koffielikeur an intense coffee flavour. 

A hint of nuts and a delicate smokiness give the liqueur depth and the addition of vanilla and cacao make the liqueur creamy and warm. The orange adds a nice hint of citrus to make the liqueur bright and fresh.

A delight to drink straight but also a winner in a good coffee cocktail. Did anyone say Espresso Martini?

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Dik and Schil Circulaire Gin 50cl.jpg

Circulaire Gin (Circular Gin)

500ml | 42% abv


Our Circular Gin is made from the orange peels that are normally thrown away after making fresh orange juice in bars and restaurants. Additionally we have used the excess trim of kaffir lime leaves, cardamom leaves and green shiso leaves to make this floral citrus gin. All of which are produced in the Netherlands by Koppert Cress.

The result is a citrus gin with an unique floral taste. The lime leaves give a strong citrus flavour. The cardamom leaves give the gin a beautiful body: smooth, rich and warm. The shiso leaves give the gin an unique character: citrus, a hint of star anise and a silky smooth texture.

The gin combines three Asian spices: kaffir lime leaves are traditionally used in Thailand, the cardamom leaves are used in the Indian kitchen and the shiso leaves in Japanese cuisine. The gin pairs extremely well with Asian food and can be used to create unique food and cocktail pairings. The floral flavour matches perfectly with rose water, elderflower, cucumber, lemongrass and ginger. 

The gin is made in a classical dry style. Smooth enough to drink neat but powerful enough to make a killer gin&tonic.

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